About me 

Hey, I'm Alice and I'm the person behind lazy ceramics. 
From the cup in your hands to the website, it's all me. 
I recently turned 28 so I guess you could say I'm an adult which is kinda weird if you consider that I eat sweets for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) and I still can't handle serious phone calls. 

As a former pasty chef I worked in hotels and bakeries in Austria and Berlin for about seven years. I always enjoyed creating things with my hands but I never found a workplace in gastronomy where I really felt comfortable. 

I made the decision to change my profession in 2019 and went to an evening school for about a year. A few ups and downs later (can't really think of the ups right now but I'm sure there were some.) I am finally where I feel comfortable. I got my studio where I do my pottery, listening to true crime podcasts and eating a lot of snacks. 

I'd rather be my own asshole boss than having someone else doing it for me. 
Most of the time I feel more confident behind the camera than in front of it, but I try my best to let you guys see a bit more of me, I promise!